How to Care for Your Teeth with Clear Braces

Posted on: March 15, 2017

Clear BracesWhen wearing clear braces, it is critical to care for your teeth. Otherwise, there can be challenges with oral health that can delay the orthodontic treatment. Things like cavities do not wait for braces treatments to be over. Instead, teeth must be cared for with diligence to ensure that there are no cavities or infections developing throughout the course of the treatment.

Additionally, it is important to care for the braces themselves to prevent any delays in treatment caused by breakage or damage. This makes it one of the most crucial times in life when it comes to caring for teeth. Here are some of the necessary steps for doing so:

Drink water

Soda is terrible for teeth and coffee can stain, but switching to water makes it less likely that there will be sugar on the teeth throughout the day. Drinking more water also helps to prevent some of the common staining problems people with braces face.

Brush after meals

Immediately after eating, brush teeth to prevent food particles and sugar from remaining on them throughout the day.

Floss daily

Flossing is not optional since patients need to remove food particles from between the teeth and gums. If one does not clean between the teeth, infections and gum recession can form.

Have teeth cleaned twice a year

While wearing braces, it is important to visit the dentist for regular teeth cleanings to remove plaque and tartar.

Two types of clear braces

There are two main types of clear braces. The ones that use the same methodology as traditional metal braces involve placing a ceramic bracket on each tooth and running a tooth colored wire between them. They are secured to the teeth for the duration of the treatment and require a very specific care routine. Since tooth colored, this type of braces can stain easily, making it wise to avoid drinking coffee, eating soy sauce and staying away from anything that could stain.

After each meal, teeth need to be brushed carefully to remove anything that could do so. Additionally, as with all fixed braces, things that are hard or sticky can dislodge the brackets from their position.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are easier to care for because they look like a full retainer that surrounds the teeth entirely. They are to be removed when eating or drinking anything other than water so it is less likely that they will become stained or damaged. Additionally, since they are replaced approximately every two weeks, the new set will appear fresh even if the old one is beginning to appear dull.

To avoid damaging them, a set routine must be followed by taking them out prior to meals. They must also be kept in a secure place when outside of the mouth. As for daily care routines, teeth must be brushed after every meal just like they would be with any type of braces.

Learn more

For additional tips or information on how to care for teeth when wearing clear braces, call our office and schedule a consultation. We will be happy to assist you and ensure that you get a beautiful smile and all your teeth remain healthy.

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