Braces in Manhattan Beach: Tips for Getting Braces Off Faster

Posted on: September 15, 2017

Braces in Manhattan BeachFor anyone who considers getting braces in Manhattan Beach, there may be one question on the mind, "How long will this take?" People who wish to straighten their smile, typically want to do so the fastest way possible. We understand that there is a commitment of time to wearing braces since it is necessary to wear them for around two years.

It is also a commitment to day-to-day activities since braces need frequent brushing and avoiding certain foods. To that end, the faster the braces can come off, the better. However, teeth can only move so quickly. Thus, instead of being able to necessarily speed up the treatment plan, patients need to be careful not to slow it down.

What the orthodontist can do

Orthodontists can impact the treatment plan by planning ahead and making sure that patients are scheduled for appointments to have the braces adjusted on a regular basis. As an orthodontist office, we will do everything in our power to treat patients on a regular basis.

During these appointments, an orthodontist will either replace or adjust the wire to keep teeth moving toward their final position. These appointments tend to happen on a regular basis, around once a month.

What you can do

When wearing braces in Manhattan Beach, there is a level of responsibility of a patient for the treatment process. The patient’s behavior at home will significantly impact the outcome of the treatment. For example, it is necessary for patients to avoid eating food that can damage the braces. We secure the brackets to each tooth using removable dental cement.

We can remove the brackets by applying enough force. Eating something hard and crunchy is typically enough to dislodge a bracket. For example, people with braces must avoid carrots and nuts because they are strong enough to push a bracket out of position. Also, certain foods can cause the wire to snap. If the wire breaks, we will need to replace it right away or it will delay the treatment.

Other safety measures

To further keep braces safe, patients can wear a mouthguard when playing or practicing sports. A mouthguard is a plastic guard that surrounds the teeth and protects them. If anything collides with the mouth, it cannot touch the braces directly. The mouthguard will absorb the impact instead.

Another important step is to visit the dentist twice per year for a teeth cleaning and examination. Regular visits will help to prevent tooth decay or infection. If either one of these develops, it will be necessary for the dentist to provide treatment which often requires removing the braces temporarily. This can usually be avoided by brushing and flossing throughout the day and visiting the dentist regularly.

Learn more about braces in Manhattan Beach

To learn more about the process of wearing braces or to begin straightening your teeth, call and schedule an appointment with our clinic.