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Posted on: August 31, 2017

OrthodonticsWe invite you to visit our orthodontics office in Manhattan Beach and experience our comfortable services. We are in the business of straightening teeth and improving smiles. Our patients can gain a beautiful smile that they are confident in and proud to show off. We encourage you to visit our state-of-the-art clinic to go over possible options.

Things to consider when choosing an orthodontics office in Manhattan Beach

We understand that there are many different orthodontics offices to choose from. It can be difficult to know which provider to see and which one will be the best for a particular situation. With that in mind, it is important to consider the following:

#1. Location

Our location in Manhattan Beach makes us a convenient orthodontics office for anyone living in or working near the area. Is important to find a clinic that is as close to home, school or work as possible to ensure that it is convenient to make all scheduled appointments.

Orthodontics requires regular checkups and ongoing maintenance to ensure that teeth can move as they should. Missing those appointments due to inconvenience is unwise and will simply prolong the total treatment time.

#2. Experience

The experience an orthodontics office has is going to influence how successful the treatment is. This is especially true if a patient has a unique or complicated challenge that needs to be factored in. If an orthodontist has never seen that challenge before and mentioned so during a consultation, it could be a good idea to schedule a consultation with another one.

#3. Solutions

We offer multiple ways for patients to straighten their teeth. Anyone who is looking to improve their smile should ask an orthodontics office how many solutions they offer to ensure that they are not boxed into one possibility. We make it possible for patients to select the treatment that will work best for their health and lifestyle by offering multiple ways to move teeth into the right position.

#4. Technology

Dental technology has greatly improved. Ask an orthodontist what technology they have incorporated into their office that will make it easier to straighten teeth.

How we improve smiles

As an orthodontics office, we offer many ways to straighten teeth and align the jaw. Both are necessary for transforming a person’s smile. One of our more common solutions is ceramic braces. These braces are discreet and difficult to see from a distance. Even up close, they blend in with the natural teeth. The brackets consist of tooth-colored ceramic and the wires between them are also tooth color.

As such, we can use the same process as traditional braces to straighten teeth but do so with it being hard to notice. We also offer clear aligners that are virtually invisible and traditional metal braces, among other solutions.

Schedule an appointment

Learn more about orthodontics and straightening teeth by scheduling a consultation with our orthodontics office in Manhattan Beach.

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