Facts About Braces for Kids

Posted on: July 15, 2017

KidsMany parents want to know when is the right time to visit our clinic for braces for kids. Some children can lose their baby teeth early and need braces when they are younger, while other children may still have baby teeth by the time they are in the fifth grade. With that in mind, the family dentist is often a good person to indicate when a child should have their first orthodontic appointment.

The best time to begin orthodontic treatment

Since they see a child once or twice a year, they have a front row seat in tooth development. However, in our clinic, we generally recommend bringing a child in for their first consultation around seven or eight. At this time, the child will not be ready to wear braces but we can examine the child’s teeth and let parents know when the time for braces may occur.

Treating children earlier also allows us to make recommendations for early orthodontic treatments. We can implement these treatments immediately to help shorten the amount of time they need to wear braces in the future.

Facts about braces for kids

Orthodontics are incredibly effective for straightening the teeth and aligning the jaw. When it comes to braces for children, this process has been proven over the past several decades to be incredibly effective. The many benefits to straightening teeth at a young age include the ability to move the jaw without invasive measures. It is easier to address problems with an overbite or underbite. At this point, the jaw is soft enough to move without needing surgery.

Typically, we recommend that children wear metal braces. Even though there are other orthodontic solutions available, those are typically reserved for adults. Adults are more responsible and can take care of the other options better than children. Metal braces are the more durable solution and something that children can do a better job taking care of.

It typically takes around two years to straighten teeth using braces. The process can be shorter if there are only minor corrections or it can be longer if there are serious problems with the jaw. We will make a recommendation for the type of treatment, when to start it and how long it will take when first examining the child’s teeth.

What a child can expect

It is important for any patient to be aware of what is involved in a treatment process, even if they are a child. Children can take responsibility and typically do, at a very young age. Even if they do not clearly articulate it, children want to be aware of and involved in what is happening to them. Thus, it important for children to ask questions during a consultation and that we take the time to answer them.

Children can expect to visit the orthodontist on a regular basis while wearing braces since we are going to need to make adjustments to the wires and replace the rubber bands. This is an opportunity to select rubber band colors that reflect a child’s personality. While wearing braces, children will need to be careful with what they eat to avoid anything that is crunchy or sticky.

Additionally, children need to avoid certain foods like sandwiches to prevent the embarrassment of the braces trapping food between the brackets. We also recommend carrying a pic and toothbrush so that the child can brush his or her teeth after meals. Doing these things requires making minor adjustments to the daily routine, but children are quick to adapt and typically do so in short order.

Visit us for braces for kids

To learn more about braces for children or to find out if they are the right solution for your child, call and schedule an appointment today.

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